Unless you know something about Patent law, applying for a patent for your invention idea can often be difficult and overwhelming. Most new inventors find trying to apply for a patent to be a task that they may be ill equipped for. Finding the right help to fill out those patent application forms can make a huge difference in how well your invention idea is protected from being stolen or copied.

Companies such as InventHelp can help new inventors get a patent for their invention idea. Making sure that your invention idea is protected is the very step in turning that idea into a reality.

The patent application itself is not a fill-in form. Instead you must supply drawings of your invention, and fill in the technical specifications that make it different and unique from all other inventions that have been patented.

This requires a great deal of research on your part in order to ensure that no one has ever patented the aspect of your invention that makes it unique and special. Having a professional walk you through the patent application process and look over the application before you actually turn the application in may mean a huge difference in how much protection your receive under the patent.

Remember that it can take up to 3 years to get a patent for your invention idea. InventHelp can make the either process of getting a patent easier and less stressful for a new inventor.

In some cases you may find that applying for a provisional patent may be a way to start the patent process, but you do need to remember that a provisional patent is only good for 1 year and then need to apply for a non-provisional patent.

However, a provisional patent will allow you to get your invention into production and start making money from your invention so that you can pay the rather steep cost of the patent itself. It will also allow you to get your invention in front of investors faster which is the main goal for which you invented in the first place.

Getting professional help with your invention idea is the best way to insure that you idea is protected both now and in the future and companies like InventHelp can pave the way to make that happen.

More that Patent Help

However, getting a patent for an invention idea is just one step in getting your invention to market. You also will need to make a working prototype of your invention, get investors to start production, and find a business who needs your invention to want to use your invention. All of these things may take money and professional help and Inventhelp can help you with all of these things.

So if you have a great invention idea and don't know how to turn that idea into a reality, then why not seek help from a professional company that is dedicated to helping you see idea come to fruition.