These all videos were produced based residential and community lab assignment of TERM I and II subjects. I had initiated to produce those videos and documentaries  as learning artifacts and promotional documents of my organization; Share And Care Nepal.

1. About Tajmahal Visit

During the Term I residential, we had got an opportunities to visit in historical place at Tajmahal, India in January, 2016. That was our experimental learning visit with all students and faculty members.  We really enjoyed and learned by observing  the world heritage place. This is  a short video about Tajmahal visit, which was captured, edited and uploaded in YouTube  by using a given Tablet from Future Generation Graduate School, USA.

2. About AWEP Documentary

I am a student of  Future Generation Graduate School and  heavily involved with Share and Care, a group that works with marginalized and vulnerable groups, particularly women and children, throughout Nepal. As a self-directed project for  Graduate Study Foundations course, I worked as the production coordinator on "Journey Towards the Light," a short documentary that focuses on Share and Care's Advocacy on Women's Empowerment Project (AWEP). This documentary  has become very effective to train and encourage community people, groups, women networks and cooperatives within Share And Care's Prroject areas as well as all over Nepal.

3. A Presentation On Mapping

The mapping exercise and its final presentation was major learning artifacts of this subject; GSF 602. As per orientation, zoom meetings and available resource materials in Moodle, I succeeded to learn and apply mapping skills and knowledge in my real community, organization and work place, which were very useful, relevant and applied in our Nepali context.  The mapping orientation and presentation program was organized on 24th October, 2016 for 6 senior staffs of Share And Care Nepal, who works in our central office at Manbhawan, Lalitpur, Nepal.  It was organized to enhance practical skills and knowledge of them.

About Tajmahal Visit During India Residential-Term I

A Documentary Project-AWEP, Makawanpur

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4. Health Evidence Video

We went to visit in one of the best and role model Health post at Madanpokhara village, western Nepal in Palpa district during the Term II residential . Few years back, the health post was not able to provide quality health services due to lack of health infrastructure, equipment and dedicated staffs. While people became aware and organized, they tried to identify and manage essential resource and committed local health staffs. As a result, they succeeded to build a new permanent building and managed essential health equipment, medicine and other facilities to provide effective health services  for community people.  This is health change(evidence)  video of an experimental learning visit of Term II.

5. About Staffs Exposure

After Term II residential visit, I had shared my learning and experience about the role model village, Madanpokhara at central office.  As result,  our management team had made decision to organize staffs exposure visit in Madanpokhara, where we had visited during the residential time. This is the commercial cow farm video, where we visited during the staffs exposure.

About Madanpokhara Health Post

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6. About ABCD-E Documentary

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7. About HARP Documentary

8. A Video Case Of Sustainable Livelihood (Tea Estate)-AP, India

This video case is prepared based on alternative residential assignment(Term-III,residential) about Sustainable Livelihood Subject of M.A. In Applied Community Change, FGU. I did video capture, editing and narration in my own initiation and involvement. This video is uploaded privately in YouTube and only access given for respected prof. Dan Robinson.
Narration In Video:
Future Generations University was organized a Third Term residential program of MA in Applied Community Change at Arunachal Pradesh in India. All students and regional academic director were actively participated in the residential learning program from Himalayan region; Nepal and India.
During Term III residential,  we got chance to visit and learn from a social enterprises named Donyi Polo Tea Estate and Siyang Tea Industries Pvt. Ltd.  At Oyan village in  East Siyang District of Arunanchal. That is a private but classified as a non-government company registered at registrar of companies, Shillong in 1986. 
Mr. Manoj Kumar who is our classmate of this master degree but as a company manager, he gave us detail orientation on tea, tea farm and its processing techniques from seeds to selling stage. As he mentioned, there are about 450 hectors land covered by tea plants, which is purely organic farm. The tea processing factory is also eco-friendly. There are more than 700 plus full time staffs and  600 plus part time staffs are employed and still working under tea company to produce tea, growing of crops, market gardening and horticulture in larger scale. The tea company is coordinating with government to declare eco zone soon to the tea farming place.
The tea company is encouraging also for neighboring community people to start tea farming for their long-term income and sustainable livelihood.
This is the tea processing and production factory. We observed first time the improved technologies and machines of tea processing and verities of tea productions such CTC and green tea in huge quantity.
Finally, we learned and realized that organic tea farming and eco-friendly tea processing factories including stable market linages are main source of long term income and sustainable livelihood. 
Video Case Link:

Video 7: Journey Towards The Transformation

8. 4. A Short Video On Moodle (CDM Participants)

I have produced a short video about training on Learning Management System "Moodle" , which was conducted for 17 participants of Diploma Course on Community Development Management according to our practicum plans. This video is uploaded in You-tube and is also useful as powerful evidence of our joint practicum to teach and mentor other participants too of all over Nepal.

A Video Case Of Sustainable Livelihood (Tea Estate)-AP, India

9. Online Orientation To Staffs

9. A Short Video About DRR In Nuwakot

A Short Video About Staffs Orientation on Moodle

A Short Video On Moodle (CDM Participants)

A Short Video About DRR Assessment In Nuwakot