Process of M&E

The problem or opportunity that interests you


I want to measure the impact of the radio show am producing currently has on my listeners to inform the successive shows forimprovement to be made . By impact I mean

  • How many listeners have actively engaged with us?
  • How many listeners have sent us forgiveness letters
  • How many listeners have started a conversation with us to start the process of forgiveness?
  • How many listeners refereed to us people they want to appreciate, thank
  • What is the feedback from the listeners?
  • Any topics they want us to add?

The approach (how you see change happening)


The above questions will inform us which aspects of the show is working and what needs to change in reference to our intention of being a platform for  gratitude and forgiveness. By incorporating the findings on to the creation of a new show we can achieve the change we wish to see.




  • Surveying

we will send out questioners to the 20 listeners selected from the 100 people who have filled out their profile questioner.


  • Individual interview

Personal interview allows for a more intimate look of the issue with the interviewee. The questions posed can take on any form to truly engage and explore thoughts, feelings, emotions, suggestions,  conclusions etc.

I will conduct personal interviews with the 10 board of advisers which are polled from different disciplines.




We will have 20 listeners & 10 professional journalists participate in the research. I will send out questioner asking if they would like to participate in the research and to send back a profile which include name, sex, age, profession. From the response I will select a diverse pool of participants. I will also include my advisory team of journalists in the project since they have been part of the show since its birth.




Most of my research will be electronically based. Emails are used to send out questioners.  Voice recorder is used when conducting individual interview.




Step 1

Outline the process


Step 2

Discuss with practicum adviser on improvement


Step 3

Send out profile questioner to be filled out by 100  listeners with a desire to participate


Step 4

Select 20 listeners


Step 5

Commit 10 of our advisory team


Step 6



Conduct the research using the various methods selected


Individual interview


Step 7

Analyze the data


Step 8

Draw conclusion and suggestion


Step 9


Inform the show and test the feedback




Short term outcomes


We have made it a practice to collect  listeners weekly phone and sms contact and call them to personally ask feedback. So weekly we are in touch with the listeners. With this research in the short term we are intending to find out what the cumulative impact of the show is and to check if we are on the right track towards our mission To contribute to the Ethiopian gratitude and forgiveness culture.


Indicators of mission success:
  • The increase in the number of listeners forwarding their forgiveness letters
  • The increase in the number of appreciative stories being forwarded from listeners
  • The number of weekly sponsors increase
  • The time of partnership contract with the radio station increase
  • 1 more Air time bought
  • A compiled information of the impact the exciting radio program has


Long term outcomes


In the long term we in vision to open a radio station which brings inspirational programs to its listeners. This process is a step in the right direction as prototype to create and assess shows which aligns with the vision of our company.