In conclusion the listeners & the advisory board indicated that the show is necessary & important in terms of being a platform for gratitude & forgiveness conversations. More themes on self empowerment topics were suggested & expansion of time was requested as we only air once a week now for 2 hours.

One of our short term outcome was a compiled information of the impact the exciting radio program has.
I think we were able to get a glimpse of what the listeners feel & think about the show.

Being in business for only 5 years the company is growing & transforming through learning & embracing error.

Based on our finding we partnered with a new station for a 2 hour show on a holiday which featured various stories. The feedback was great and we are hopeful & excited to be continuing to create shows which will continue to serve our community.

This process have been profound learning process for me. In the past two years as i aspired & intended  to create an Amharic show which will uplift, inspire, entertain my listeners and coincidentally was doing this practicum research it was a real process in terms of how much what i was going through was informing the research.

I got to partner with the number one radio station in the country to create a an hour radio show on Sunday morning from 8-9am. i was jubilant at the chance and was looking forward to a long term engagement.  The partnership was short lived as in 6 month the time slot was sold and the new time offered at night from 9:11PM, which after 4 months wasn't working out for me and my sponsors.

My listeners also needed to adjust their time and get used to the new time. 

I took 2 months break just to figure out the next step.

The participants on the questioners said

" Thank you for creating a show that remind us to be grateful for what is full rather than what is lost"

"Now i carry a gratitude journal and i write on it my daily thanks"

"we need more shows like this which reminds us of our unity "

"i am more compassionate because of the show"

" i love my Sunday morning waking up to the show"

"i feel lighter because i have forgiven thanks to the show"

"i have forgiven myself thanks to the show"


Listening to this comments excites & encourage me to do more. we will incorporate their feedback into the new show. Through the process i have grown as a business owner and my intention has expanded. I not only want to create a show now i want to run a radio station which will help people live their best lives. For now i want to hire producers, & editors who will co create with me empowering shows. In order to this i need to keep my sponsors happy. To work with sponsors who understand my intention for the show and are willing to become co creators and supporters while they benefit as well. As we grow financially we will be able to create a serene office as suggested by the advisors.

 So i am negotiating for the upcoming year with private companies to work with. I have focused the past 5 years on the content of the message i want to bring to the listeners. The coming year i want to put my energy more on marketing aspect of Sofia Media. strengthening the company financially as well as content wise is my focus currently.  The advises i got from the board of advisors will be taken into consideration in the creation of the new show. The promotional show we did was in this light and to showcase we can entertain & educate.

Becoming a great leader is the next step for me and to make the company am running great in the process. The future is bright and am grateful for having been part of the 2017 Future generation graduate university cohort. It made me reflect on where i was, where i came from & where am going. Thank you.