Sofia Media Promotion PLC


Sofia media promotion plc is a company dedicated to bringing personal development programs and products to its clients. The visionary behind the company is Sofia Abdulkadir (ME). I am committed to creating a space where people can explore and unleash their greatness.

We have been producing The Greatness Show, a radio program focusing on cultivating potential for the past 5 years.The program first inspires listeners to start looking inward for their hidden talents, passion and capacities then shows them how they can cultivate and live from their potential.

Topics such as passion, communication, attitude of trust, career life, optimism, value of service, creativity, rediscovering our greatness, the art of letting go, self love, becoming a person of impact and many more have been discussed on the show

Professional trainers and people who are an embodiment of a specific quality have been invited to share their experience and tools which the audience can start applying in their life.

The company also hosts “The greatness platform”, a yearly event which brings great people in the community who are a making a difference to connect and share what has worked for them.

Through its website , weekly email newsletter, social media pages the company keeps inspiring and informing its clients.

Seminars, workshops &  coaching course on communication skills, team work, living your greatness is offered to individuals, groups & companies.

The company aspires to excellently serve its clients to live their best life.



The Greatness show

The Greatness show is a radio program on Afro FM 105.3 which uplifts, inspires and informs its audience of their potential and shows them the way how they can live their best life. With trainers from Africa, Europe and America the show has been on air now since May 5th 2012 and had programs on


  • passion,
  • communication,
  • attitude of trust,
  • career life,
  • optimism,
  • value of service,
  • creativity,
  • rediscovering our greatness,
  • the art of letting go,
  • Self love

And many more have been discussed.


With dynamic sessions, every week offers different topics and different trainers.


Our target groups are young professionals in their early or middle careers looking for tools to enhance their work and private life.


Audience air their thought, feelings, questions, suggestion through SMS texting or face book which is shared live. We also share free resources through the blog page which contains materials related to the topic discussed for the choosing of the audience. Different PDF Books are sent out to 5000+ mailing list every week.


From the 150 +appreciative texts we received every week we can say the show is serving the targeted audience to change their life for the better.

Hiwot Sinka show


Hiwot sinka radio show used to be aired live on sheger 102.1 fm every Tuesday night 9:30pm-11:00pm . Forgiveness and gratitude are the main theme of the show. Our guests narrate stories of people who have contributed to their success and remind us each one of us are important and can make a difference. Through forgiveness letters our audience seek reconciliation with those dear to them.