This page serves into two purpose: Wrap-up of my study journey & concluding page for my research practicum. 

For my learning journey, and in the first page of this collection, I have shown the source of knowledge of my practicum research as the following; local knowledge and data from the community, reviewing of related literature, and  knowledge gained from different course of the MA program.

In addition to the SEED-SCALE, the following course have directed contributed to my practicum research work:



Summery of the outcome of the Research

The research’s main objective was identifying community resilience, peace and prospects for sustainable peacebuilding interventions in Galkacyo.

While I believe that right methodological approach is used, however, numerous challenges raised including getting all Key Informant respondents was though because of time and security factors.

In addition, I have learned a lot on the process and application of story-telling as part of research methods. Also, met young energetic students from University of Galkacyo who were eager to participate and support the data collection process.   

The following are the key insights/ findings of the research:  Galkacyo’s conflict is deep rooted, complex and multi-stakeholder scene, there is wide-spread stereotypes I.e. the North blaming that South Galkacyo is safe-haven for terrorist groups while the South believes that North gets most humanitarian & development aid support from NGOs and UN.   

In addition, most respondents (of both sides) acknowledge that clan federalism is dividing the city; North being loyal to Puntland while Galmudug administration controls the South.

Furthermore, the outcome shows that, while the possibility of conflict escalation is very high, however, by capitalizing resilient actors, there is equal if not more chance of peace and harmony. 

Finally, the study proposed two peace building entry points; Bottom up (community based interventions) & top-down (political solutions).

The next section provides step by step peace-building entry points(strategy) that is specific, measurable and realistic. The recommendations steams from the key findings of the research.

While this research provides foundation/bases for longer time peace building interventions, there is also necessity for further research and studies in order to get additional insights.

Moving Forward