This page serves as introductory section of the collection.

Hello all,

In late 2015, I have received my admission to start Masters degree on Applied community Change, specializing peacebuilding, in Future Generation School.

My Journey with the school started in January 2016 and by early 2017, every students was required to start the practicum research or project. I have selected the later due to my extensive experience on researching and exploring community related issues.

 In addition and through "reflective learning", I have been working directly with my community-right -from defining the a problem/ identify an issue in the community, developing theory of change and finally presenting the final artifact.

The artifact documented in this collection is an integration of the following 3 aspects:  

Source of practicum knowledge.png.1

Indeed, I am very proud to say that my community-Galkacayo community, are the primary drivers and beneficiaries of this research.

To know more about my community and research work, please first check the practicum research cycle, then check the rest. Start now, explore now.



Practicum Research Stages

Practicum stages.png