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The community of Zenebework has developed a very strong social bond through time. The social capital the community possesses consists of the stock of active connections among the members: the trust, mutual understanding, and shared values and behaviors that bind members with a strong allies and networks realized the existence of this historical community till present. The Iddir, having formed a union and assigned a responsible body that manages them with their own consent, they are doing exemplary. These Iddirs are 32 in number comprising a total number of members of more than 8,600 persons.

According to the interview made with a long time resident and leader of the Iddir union (Mr. Cheru Gebre), the Iddir has already started humanitarian activities in the community. Almost all the Iddirs have changed their bylaws and have started to involve in different development activities such as helping the elderly and orphans. Besides, it helps the community by bringing the problems of the community to the attention of the government. Most importantly, the burden of fighting against HIV/AIDS carried and has been shared by the community. There are many volunteer members of the all Iddirs are doing voluntary community services in supporting People living with HIV/AIDS, orphans and the elderly. Zenebwork community has got other forms of social cohesion which is named as Tsewa Maheber. Tsewa Mahebers are established aiming at feeding the needy people in the names of saints.

When I made this assessment I  got an opportunity to observe the celebration of senbetie with in the compound of Abuna Aragawi Church. The name of the senbetie is selasie senbetie mahiber and it is composed of thirty persons. In this Tsewa Maheber, each member is supposed to contribute money (5 birr and above) every month and bring bread or any kind of meal. In addition, community members celebrate different religious and traditional holidays together. They collect Iquib for people in need of immediate financial support/assistance. They are also actively involved in reconciling people who have quarreled.

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