Beneficiary Selection Criteria

Selection of beneficiaries based on pre-set criteria is so important that transparency among stakeholders, communities as well as project staffs will be guaranteed in the process of selection. Accordingly, since the main objective of the project is to address the Leprosy Affected People, other disabled ones and the poorest of the poor people in the project area, the steering committee composed of the community, Woreda representatives, and the CBOs will be actively involved in the selection and identification of the beneficiaries for the proposed integrated livelihood and slum development project of Woreda 01 in Kolfe Keranio Sub city.

The criteria will be subjected to local context by discussing with the steering committee. Accordingly, the following lists of criteria are set to start up the selection proces

  • It focuses on women and children from households affected by leprosy, disability and HIV/AIDS. These groups will be selected as they experience the greatest levels of poverty, poor health and malnutrition.  It is the steering committee (assisted by religious leaders, community group leaders and community based institutions) that will choose the people to benefit from the project activities.
  • Those who have no sufficient income and at health risk in the existing situation.
  • Those who are willing to contribute the initial fee of 30 Birr and 2 Birr on monthly basis for the purpose of operation and maintaining the facilities that heps for sustainability and build belongingness
  • Those who are volunteers to abide by the rules and regulations of the user committee.
  • Those who reside within the project area.


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