Deta collection and analysis


In order to design the community based participatory proposal, I conducted three focus group discussions to identify and priortize their needs, problems and evaluate the previous project activities to see the success and the failure and to know the major cases of the success and failure to learn from them and designe a good project proposal which can be inmplemented or managed by themselves. Before go to the problem identification, they evaluated the existed and ongoing project activities of the progress and sustainability.




I also collected data from KIs from community representatives and NGO leaders who have been implemented different projects in the area. The KIs from NGO leaders were explained transparently about the limitations of different projects in different areas of the country. They confirmed as specifically, in leprosy-affected people's living areas, many projects have not sustained and they mentioned as a probable reason, leprosy-affected people are marginalized and they undermine themselves so they may degrade their self-stim and be hopeless. They also focused on the current needs rather than future benefits.

On the other hand, KIs from community representatives complained the way of NGOs project implementation. The NGOs are designing a project without consulting the community that results in the need of community are not coincide with the type of the project implemented and the during implementation phase the involvement of the community is minimal.


The results from FGDs, KIs and observations, the project proposal planning and implementation should be participatory with community members. They should identify, prioritize their problems with the community context, assess their capacity and assets, community knowledge and the community should put their solutions and implementing strategies. 

The donor organizations should support according to the community requests after thy identified their problems. The community-based organizations should play a vital role in organizing, designing and initiating project ideas then they have to monitor and evaluate project activities.