Monitoring & evaluation will be carried out with the involvement of concerned government bodies working at different levels, community representatives and implementer CBI.

As an external body, Line Bureaus/offices of Finance and Economic Development in collaboration   with other signatory offices at different levels/city, sub city   are expected to conduct monitoring and evaluations of the project. Thus Mid -term and terminal evaluation of the project will be conducted and reviewed jointly by the concerned stake holders as per the scheduled time frame in accordance with the policies and procedures established for this case through Addis Ababa finance and economic development bureau.

 To ensure the proper implementations of the projects in line with the project agreement and annual plan of operation; the local government offices at sub city and woreda level, project staff and the beneficiary community are expected to conduct monitoring of the project activities periodically. But the project staffs will monitor the progress of the planned activities at field level on daily basis.            

 Moreover, monitoring of the entire project activities will be conducted by the program manager in collaboration with the finance division on quarterly basis. Accordingly, the program and finance division will conduct a joint review meeting with the project staffs biannually.