Stakeholders Annalysis

All stakeholders do have their own pivotal roles to play. Acoordingly  the government offices always provide technical support whenever the demand a raise at all levels and play roles in coordinating the poeple, monitoring and evaluation and giving legal personalities to the different committes and user groups like steering committes, IGA groups, users’ community committees …etc. The community participates starting from the time of project need assessment upto ensuring sustainability. CBOs’ and the various religion  instituions are also among the main partners who will be involved in the different committees and give care and support to those needy people. Furthermore  particularly  in the service delivery or for the infrastructures the  local communities always contribute start up money from the prespectives of developing sense of owner ship and  sustainability of the system. 

No Stakeholders Roles


Primary stakeholders



The local Leprosy Affected People, other marginalized poor community and different social organization like, and CBOs.  It will give special consideration for women andchildren
  • Participate in beneficiary selection & screening.        
  • Facilitate the integration of service delivery to the beneficiaries as per to the project document.
  •  Participate in project planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation of the project activities.
  • Be active members of the various community committees like User and Steering Committees.


Secondary stakeholders



Local district administration Office(district 01)   
  •  Mobilize and organize beneficiaries for successful project implementation·   
  • participation in site selection process for the construction of the proposed infrastructures·    
  • Strictly follow up the project activities through health extension workers & design and supervision officers·   
  • Provide guidelines for proper utilization of facilities in collaboration with the NGO·   
  • Follow up with the proper functioning and management of the facilities


Local government sectors   
  • Appraisal of the project proposal and forward the comments on it.
  • The signing of the project agreement.
  • Supervise the project activities.
  • Provide technical support for proper utilization of resources.
  • Follow up with the proper functioning and management of the WASH facilities
  • Mobilize and organize beneficiaries for successful project implementation.
  • Participation in site selection process for the construction of WASH facilities
  • Mediate and provide the necessary support if the conflict arises.
  • Conduct monitoring, midterm and terminal evaluation of the project with the concerned and give necessary feedback on it.
  • Assign experienced teachers for the KG center and keep its sustainability through the office of education


Implmenter CBI
  • Develop project proposal.
  • Solicit fund.
  • Make an agreement with Government bodies and Donors.
  • Prepare development strategy.
  •  Administer the project and avail quality services as per the project document. 
  • Participate in beneficiary and site selection process.
  •  Produce IEC materials and empower communities in collaboration with the local government sector offices.·         Coordinating and facilitating capacity building
  • Prepare annual plans, reports and submit to signatories and donors.
  • Conduct M&E works.



  •  Avail the stated amount of project budget for the implementation of project’s activities attainment        Of set objectives.
  • Follow up implementation of project activities.
  • Receiving reports on regular basis and give feedback.